Saturday, November 01, 2003

A Sense of Dread. 

Jindal has taken the lead against Blanco in the governor's race here in Louisiana. I received an anguished email from a democrat:

The numbers are going down in the polls for Blanco. If some of these allegations by Jindal are not STRONLY addressed and soon Ms. Blanco will lose. Why is her campaign not more proacrtive with regard to Jindal issues of funding and public

Jindal has come out swinging with negative ads. Blanco has to counterattack, or she's finished.

The democrats have yet to learn to adjust to this new era of Republican, attack-style, negative dominance. The republicans will stoop low, and we have to be willing to meet them in the trenches and duke it out.

I don't mean running ads that are false, but I do mean, aggressively and vibrantly publishing what we consider to be our truth, including our truth on these republican candidates and their angles...I do believe we can play mean, in necessary, and remain true to our ideals. This will serve to counter-effect their willingness to play dirty.

For example, recent Jindal ads portray Blanco as wanting to raise taxes. She never said this. Jindal recently hired the same, attack dog from Washington D.C. that Suzie Terrel hired to try to defeat Landrieu.

Blanco's ads should: 1. refute the notion of wanting to raise taxes (she actually wants to cut two business taxes as an incentive)2. accuse him of lying by trying to portray her as wanting to raise taxes. 2. and most importantly...ask the people of Louisiana if they want their state philosphically run by Washington politicos.

In other words, publicize the hiring of the politico from Washington D.C...as the same jerk who tried to defeat Landrieu...and publicize Jindal as anything but independent in thought...with close ties to Washington, who will really be running our state? Put him on the defensive...

Louisianians pride themselves on their personal independence from the rest of the nation, in terms of our culture, in terms of our politics...exploit that...who do you want to elect, a Washington patsy, or a truly, independent thinker?

Democrats have to attack often and attack early. Expose them for what they are...connivers who want to limit our freedoms under the guise of patriotism...connivers who want to give it all to the fat cats, and let the working poor struggle for the rest of their lives...we've got to learn to convey our ideals in our message...and expose their's for what it is...or we are sunk.

I have to ask if Kathleen Blanco has the stomach for killer politics in this state?
Does she have the fire in her belly to take these people on? Here is a recent quote from her from the Daily Advocate:

Well, I'm just totally puzzled by the attack ad on TV by my opponent, saying that I have run negative ads," Blanco said Wednesday. "I have not."

Blanco is her own worse enemy. She's too soft. Who are her advisors? Swing back at him. She's trying to play gentlemanly nice. She's a woman...maybe she's not used to fights like this...get real, Blanco...for the sake of the people and the party.