Monday, February 17, 2003

Damn the Corporate Media 

I just saw a Human Shield fellow interviewed on MSNBC. The corporate fascist reporter asked the fellow if he wanted Saddam Hussein to remain in power. The human shield responded in a very thoughtful manner. He said we as a nation don't have the right to dictate who the leader of another country should be, and we don't know enough about the Iraqi people to make that assumption. He also said it is the arrogance of the American people to think that they know best what the rest of the world ought to be doing. He said he thought President Bush is promoting the war in the economic interests of the United States and certain American Companies--and the reporter cut him off.
"That's all we have time for" period. Very telling.

Watch Frontline on Thursday, February 20, and see true journalistic courage in action, as they will deal with the corporate reasons that we are going to war with Iraq, the reasons not reported by the CNNs and the Foxes.