Wednesday, February 26, 2003

The Economic Rape of America 

In the economic rape of America, the bogus issue is the war against Iraq. This is a strategy, consciously chosen by certain members of his administration (Karl Rove among them) to deflect attention away from the real issue, which continues to be the economy. Unfortunately, because of this "deflection" and focus on Iraq, the administration feels empowered to continue to try to push through social security privatization, and the huge tax cuts that we don't need and most, I believe, don't want.

The war is scripted and manufactured by the Republican Party ideologues and economic, trickle-down theory fanatics. The bribes being paid to other countries to participate in this bogus war is coming directly out of your pocket via the tax system.

It is rare, on cable news, to see an in-depth discussion on anything, except a lot of rudeness and interrupting of each other. It is still rarer to see anything on the economy. This is where the beliefs of the journalists and news writers really begin to kick in full force, because they are members of the elite money makers. Essentially, they are paid, and paid well to put forth the beliefs of the monied class, and I 'm not afraid to kick around class warfare a little bit, because it does exist. It is exists in the form of brutality of competition, with its philosophical foundation rooted in the belief in Social Darwinis. It is endless competition, and will become more divisive as more join the lower ranks.

Folks, the monied class is trying to gain as much of the material resources of this, and other countries. That is the other secret issue of the government, that of its desire to control Iraq economically, therefore in a pivotal position to possibly exert more influence and control over other Middle Eastern States.

The huge oil reserves are a huge reason we are going to war with Iraq. It's not the only reason. Frontline explored the coalition that formed years ago to oust Sadam. Although I found several of the "experts" on the show to be pro-war, there is some useful insight explored, particularly the importance of the philosophy of Deputy Secretary Paul Wolfowitz. The fanatical idealogues are entrenched and in control now. And I say fanatical, because they are willing to take out a few thousand Iraqi civilians, and possibly some American and British soldiers, in the name of their ideology. They need to be called on their game.

The endless debates on cable news over the war also serves to shift focus from the real issues, the ones closer to home.
Perhaps we should boycott the debates, and publicize the boycott, with the demand that we immediately withdraw from the Middle Eastern Region, and begin to debate the issues that we ought to be talking about, namely, the economy.
Why aren't they answering to our demands? They are our representatives, we elected them, our taxes pay for their salaries, and we have the right to answers, and an open dialogue. Right now we are dancing their tune, by this continuous focus on the bogus issue of war, this created war, this economic recreational war.

The bogus issue that we need to turn America into a police state is also a deflection from the bad economic tidings. If we're busy spying on each other, we won't be united for sound economic policy.