Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Kucinich the Man to Watch 

After seeing Congressman Kucinich of Ohio on Sunday, February 23's Meet The Press, and CNN's Crossfire, I was much impressed with his candor and enthusiasm. He courageously took on conservative mighties Robert Novak on Crossfire and Richard Perle on
Meet the Press.

Read this article from the Cleveland Magazine in 1972, of his start in politics. This is an article that was commented on by Josh Marshall in Talking Points Memo. Judge for yourselves. I think we need to give Kucinich a chance. Check out the Meet the Press transcript. I'm not sure that CNN has a Crossfire transcript. He is anti-war, pro-working class, from what I've heard so far. He at least is not afraid to recognize the elephant under the rug, which is the economy, and the ruse to go to war for economic and political gain.