Thursday, February 20, 2003

Red Flags 

I am also disheartened by the trashing of the French right now, for their dissension of the war. Are we as individual citizens next?

I must say though, that signs of empire building and imperialism out of control have been around for some time, practiced in varying degrees by nations all over the world. The Bush administration is Frankenstein, but his creator is, well, all of us, and the French, and the Germans, and NATO, etc., etc. It was complacency of the average citizen that allowed the machine to get out of control. We stopped questioning. We were satisfied with the news that was handed to us. Our leaders were relatively sane, or so we thought. Clinton's presidency and economic success added to the atmosphere of all is right with the world.

The Clinton and Nato bombing of Belgrade and Clinton and British bombing of Baghdad, in "peaceful" times, were red flags of warning.

It was on June 27, 1993 that Clinton decided to bomb Baghdad. Check out the aforementioned link and enjoy the de ja view .Note the types of neighborhoods destroyed. On March 23, 1999, Nato and the U.S. began bombing Belgrade. NATO was accused of war crimes during that campaign. Not to mention all of the stray bombs that fell here and there.

Wouldn't it be honorable and courageous of Clinton to admit he was wrong in the bombing of Baghdad, of Belgrade? Wouldn't this help the cause of peace?

The atrocity in Rowanda, with French complicity, another red flag. The Belgians are complicit, and the U.N., the U.S. knew of the planned exterminations. The Hutu massacre of Tutsi peoples happened under Clinton's watch.

Heck, throw a rock in the air and you'll hit someone guilty.

NATO aided the U.S. in the bombing of Belgrad. NATO, to their credit, opposed the bombing of Baghdad, while the American media was complicit in their approval.

The reasons for bombing or not bombing any given country, by any other country, at any given time, shift with the political wind. And it is an ill-wind, folks, that blows.

Where was I when all of this was happening during the "peaceful" Clinton presidency? Sitting with my thumb up my ass, like so many of us...eh?