Saturday, February 08, 2003

Roll Over, George Orwell, Roll Over 

Here is the PBS breaking news site that published links to the draft of the Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003.The "closely guarded" draft was leaked to the Center for Public Integrity, a non-partisan group. George Orwell can't get a decent night's rest these days.

According to the 20th century glossary, appeasement is the act of giving in to our enemies in order to avoid war. Our country drips with appeasement. It is oozing through every nook and crany of sidewalk gulches. It is our democratic representatives and senators appeasing Bush and Bush doctrine, for the lack of spine to fight it, for the few crumbs he throws their way, to look good to the voters, for fear of looking soft on terrorism, for fear of being lumped on the "losing" side. France and Germany's lack of support of Bush doctrine is appeasement of Iraq. Courageously, they are refusing to appease Bush and refusing to endorse an ill-thought possible war that could result in disaster for the Middle East and this old world. Middle Eastern countries are engaging in the appeasement of Bush, to what will be their own detriment. Do they really think Bush will give them all of the aid they will need to deal with the millions of refugees that will result from this war? He's going to leave them hanging and let the U.N. deal with it. To appease is to admit defeat without even staging a fight. Senator Edward Kennedy has never appeased the Bush doctrine. Many senators have. Shame, shame shame on the policy of appeasement.