Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Valentine's Day Massacre 

My co-worker's son who is stationed in Kuwait told her on the phone yesterday that something is going down on the 14th of February. This didn't surprise me, as it is quite obvious that the Bushites equate war with love. So do many, I am guessing, right now, because of the numbers that support this war. I don't support it, even with U.N. approval. Even the U.N. can't put a clean stamp on what is a very Orwellian business, that of making war, to bring peace.

When the flames are high over Baghdad, I wonder what the Iraqi people will be thinking of our valentine. I feel for them. They are caught between a rock and a hard place, between Saddam Hussein and George Bush, two of the craziest people in the world right now. It would be the noble thing, the honorable thing for Hussein to leave his country before we launch our apacolyptic attack. But he won't, because he has been having an undercurrent of suicidal impulses in his belief system for some time now. I'm guessing to some extent, the Iraqi people have nothing to lose either. Our sanctions for the past decade have robbed them of food and medicine necessary for their reasonable quality of life. We have punished the children for the sins of the father.

In fact, the suicidal impulses of the people's of the world are beginning to manifest right now. It is very sad, because a simple change in our belief system would eliminate war. You laugh at me and dismiss me as a lunatic simpleton. Yet, how easily we go to war, with very little thought to the eventual suffering of our enemy. What if we all believed that violence was not the way to solve difficulties, even when violence is committed against our own person? What if our main response to 9/11 had been to examine how our belief in the use of violence helped to actually attract violence? 9/11 wasn't the only event of violence that year. Just look at the police reports. Somehow though, we are able to neatly slice our own belief in the use of violence, from the violent events that occur to us. We are schizophrenic, in that our beliefs simply don't connect with events in our lives, at least the way we perceive them to connect. We hoard guns, we believe in war, we arm our military. We go to other countries and daly in violent, war-like activities. Our CIA plots and carries out violent mischief in other countries.