Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Why This Blog 

I have been inspired to begin this blog to participate in perhaps what is possibly a rebirth of true democracy. It doesn't cost very much to post this blog, a few dollars a year. But is is like having my own news channel. I'm not a millionaire, or a well-heeled (and well-paid) reporter for one of the corporate owned media outlets. Yet my blog is accessible to thousands, to anyone with some sort of internet access who cares to read it.

The blogs are a foil to corporate media. And if we aren't carefull, we might actually create a true democracy here. Democracy in my view, must have a way to communicate dissenting views. The corporate media stole this away from us, and we took it back with the help of the internet.

I am reminded of our own revolutionaries, in the beginning of our country, the likes of Thomas Paine, who published dissenting pamphlets such as "Common Sense". "Common Sense", with its call for independence, was instrumental in fueling the birth of this nation. According to www.striketheroot.com, "Common Sense" became the best-selling pamphlet ever published in the Engish language. We already know the power of the blogs to challenge hypocricy in the case of the two Lotts, Trent and John. I find the blogs extremely useful in touching upon issues that are over-looked or ignored by our corporate media. They are a dissenting, alternative voice to the views of the wealthy elite who own almost all of the media in this country.
Plutocrats beware! There is a scent of democracy in the country again.
Today Colin Powell gave his speech to the U.N. producing "evidence" to back a war against Iraq. On the blog "Eschaton" today, Atrios posted a picture of Colin Powell holding what might be a vial of anthrax, during the speech. Some very funny posts in the comments, if it all weren't so tragic. As far as the corporate media is concerned, it is not "if", but "when" we invade Iraq.

It is twilight; the light is soft green-blue. I suppose I should watch the evening news. All of the same. All of this. It is amazing how we glide and slide over our rationalizations and justifications, yet few mention the over-kill that is going to happen. "Shock and Awe"? How about "Maim and Kill"?