Monday, March 10, 2003

Alive and Well and Living... 

I just saw Joe Mccarthy again,
he was strolling Magazine St.,
he was smoking a big, fat cigar,
looking fit and vain in a three piece suit,
minus the coat,
hiding behind a bow tie this time,
a faint smudge of rouge on his cheeks,
fat belly over-lapping an expensive belt,
confidently window shopping,
walking alone, cell phone strapped to
his waist, beeper in his pocket,
a walking communication bravado,
Italian made, wing tips on his feet,
American flag (made in Taiwan) attached
to the antenna on his SUV,
Bush/Cheney sticker on the rear bumper,
car alarm beeped from command issued
to unlock doors,
a Starbucks cup in the drink tray,
he wore an absolutely unshakable faith of money
in his pockets,
George Washington, Lincoln and Jefferson, Franklin too
hidden in the creases and folds of his tailored pants,
A Celine Deon cd in his car stereo,
mouthing tunes that celebrate America,
taking pride in his ownership,
pretending not to notice
the sinking ship in the harbour,
and the rats jumping a doomed voyage.