Sunday, March 23, 2003

America Wages War on its Middle and Working Class 

On March 21, while working and middle class Americans watched their sons and daughters wage George Bush Jr.'s illegal war in Iraq, Congress advanced their own front in the war on the American middle and working class, by passing the second installment of the tax cut.

While 100 million dollars was cut from the tax cut plan, as a gesture towards fiscal sanity to pay for the illegal war, this is going to be a drop in the bucket as to what the true costs of this war will be.

While most sources say the war will cost anywhere from 80 billion to 1 trillion dollars, I would venture to say the true costs will wind up being somewhere in-between, although they could approach the 1 trillion mark, depending on the expense of occupying and re-building Iraq.

American companies are already lining up to re-build Iraq, including Halliburton. Vice-President Dick Cheney, ex-Ceo of Halliburton, continues to receive deffered compensation from that company in what is one of the grossest conflicts of interest ever carried out by a member of the executive branch of this country.

To be continued...