Thursday, March 20, 2003

"Bush is Shriveling" 

"Bush is shriveling." My mother blurted this out, yesterday evening, while we were smoking on the patio and watching bird and squirrel activity.

"Shriveling! What do you mean 'shriveling' ", I asked.

"He's shriveling", she insisted.

"Oh, do you mean, drying up?" I asked. "He's wrinkling up," I said, with some degree of satisfaction. "He's drying up and losing all of his moisture. The shrub is drying up and turning into a brittle old, tumbleweed", I really got into the spirit of it. "Maybe he'll just blow around Texas for the rest of his days like an old, dry tumbleweed."

The thought of that got my mother and I giggling like two teenagers. Then we resumed our watch on the birds and squirrels. My mother has some pink roses that are just in bloom, the first of the season.