Sunday, March 09, 2003

Crisis of Faith 

I am prowling through the house, smoking a cigarette, knowing my sister is out of town so it won't matter. I can think of nothing better to do at this moment, then blogging. Kinda sad, maybe. I'm speedy, these last few day. In a hyper state of alert. Isn't that what the government wanted? Except that I am alerted, worrying about possible intrusion into my life, and the lives of others, by the government, unnecessary intrusion.

Besides the government, there's North Korea, and our blunder there, in pissing them off and them reminding us of the weapons they possess, rubbin they things at us.

Then there's that I am earning barely 9 or 10 dollars an hour. I'm mostly good at listening to people and encouraging them, but I don't want to be paid for that anymore. I like the technology of computers, but going back to school would bring me a debt I don't want. I'm pacing. What are my options? What are my options?

I keep blogging, and tuning into Radio@Netscape Plus. The Abstract station is appropriate mood springer. There's a bird singing loudly, almost earl-piercingly in my backyard. I think she is heralding the arrival of Spring in this sub-tropical zone.
I think I'll go listen to her for a while.