Thursday, March 27, 2003

Ellsberg "Masterful" on CNN 

According to the ReachM High Cowboy Network Noose, Daniel Ellsberg, who was arrested yesterday in New York City during an anti-war protest, and was masterful as he took on the bumbling Aaron Brown of CNN:

"Daniel Ellsberg was interviewed by CNN a few minutes ago. Ellsberg was arrested yesterday in an antiwar protest outside the White House. When asked whether antiwar protesters were playing into Saddam's hands, Ellsberg indicated he wouldn't presume to know what Hussein was thinking, but considered it unlikely he was tuning in to CNN to make his decisions.

CNN's Aaron Brown, obviously flustered at the way the question was turned around on him, gamely reworded the question, asking if Hossein was trying to influence opinion by trumpeting the actions of the protestors around the globe.

Ellsberg, mentioning his own military service as a Marine infantryman, called that 'naive' and indicated that the tyrant Hussein was more likely busy paying attention to keeping his hold on power or on his own life than on NY city protestors. Getting assertive, Brown redirected the question to suggest that Hossein might think the protest movement could get Bush to back off the war.

Ellsberg was having none of. He called it 'absurd' and he indicated that the US administration was naive too, as they'd made predictions about Hossein that weren't holding up. Then he said that it's unlikely Hossein would think that Bush would listen to the minority voice in this country when he often didn't listen to the majority, such as the majority that voted against him in the 2000 election.

He continued, indicating that he thought it was a very good message the protestors were sending to the world, letting the world know that not all Americans felt this war was a good thing.

Brown quickly ended the interview at that point.

Without being wild-eyed or scruffy, responding articulately and cleverly, demonstrating once again that he's a real American patriot, Ellsberg was masterful. I'd pick him for my debate team any day of the week.

I could swear, just for a second, I could actually hear Michael Moore smirking. The moment was priceless."