Sunday, March 09, 2003

Fun with Links 

Take Back the Media has a new groove thang going on, and its powered by the goose step. Check it out, and thank Blah3.com for sponsoring. Far Out. Also, Blah3 highlights CNN for an hour. Hint: its war, war, war.

Here is a fabulous article in The New York Observer ,
Going off to War Supplied with Lies, by Nicholas von Hoffman , on the seductions of war for the news media:

"However much war may depress advertising and ruin the news budgets of the big media corporations, it gooses the ratings and makes stars of the on-air performers. And heroes, too: In December, HBO showed Live from Baghdad, a docudrama glorifying war whoredom. The same show is available around the clock on television as these journalistic war profiteers promote themselves and their careers. You can see the giddy emotional state of these men and women, clutching their microphones as their adrenaline-hyped voices report from Washington, Baghdad, London, Amman or--better yet--the deck of an aircraft carrier. "