Saturday, March 22, 2003

General Frank's press conference 

I watched a good part of top Commander General Tommy Franks' press conference, the first press conference by army officials since the start of the war. The difference between the foreign reporter's questions and questions from the American press was striking. The hardest hitting question came from a foreign reporter, don't know his nationality, but with a thick accent he asked this question:

"Since there has been no use of, and, as of yet, no evidence of weapons of mass destruction used by the Iraqi forces, can you still make the claim that the U.S. has invaded Iraq because of those weapons, or is it using the supposed existence of those weapons as a cover for its desire to invade Iraq and seize control of the country?"

General Franks responded, in so many words, that he has no doubt of the weapons of mass destruction, and the allied forces are looking for them.

This war is a bad joke, played over and over again.