Monday, March 17, 2003

"Iraq, the Middle East, and Change: No Dominoes"--The LA Times 

Check out Cursor, for a link to the LA Times article, in which a state department classified document, leaked to the newspaper, is underlined for the light it sheds on the administration's true opinion for the chances of democracy in post-war Iraq.

Also, Cursor, in the above link, highlights an article in the New York Times that discusses how President John F. Kennedy augmented a regime change in Iraq, through the CIA, with the help of Saddam Hussein :

"Richard Nixon biographer Roger Morris writes in a New York Times op-ed that in 1963 the CIA, under President John F. Kennedy, 'conducted its own regime change in Baghdad, carried out in collaboration with Saddam Hussein...Britain and Israel backed American intervention in Iraq, while other U.S. allies -- chiefly France and Germany -- resisted.' "

Don't we ever learn?