Monday, March 17, 2003

Lookin' Like Condeleeza Rice 

I felt intense at work today. My co-worker, Charlotte, asked if I was in a bad mood. "Bad mood?", I said, "No, I'm just intense."

She didn't know that we are going to war tomorrow, because her TV isn't hooked up, and apparently she doesn't read any news sources. Her son will be leaving for Kuwait soon. I hated to break the news to her about the war tomorrow. Charlotte said she is thinking of flying to Kuwait to be near her son. I said I didn't think they would let her in the country, as it is too dangerous, unless you are on "official business". " I am on official business," Charlotte said.

Then a woman came in to buy coffee to go. She spoke to my other co-worker, Judy, who happens to be an African American.

"You look just like Condeleeza Rice", the woman said.

I was a little taken aback, because I didn't think my co-worker looked anything like Condeleeza Rice, and I said so. "You are pretty, Condeleeza Rice is pretty, but Judy, you don't look anything like her."

Judy was trying to be diplomatic with the woman, but she was having a hard time.

"Has anyone ever said that to you before?" the woman asked.

"No," Judy answered. "But that's okay. I know Condeleeza is only trying to do her job the way that she thinks Bush wants it done."

"Well," the woman said, "I didn't know you would react negatively to it. You must be democrats."

I couldn't stop myself from jumping in, "The information she puts out is so deceptive, " I said. Rosebud said it best later.
"Condeleza Rice, the Mistress of Disinformation."

"No, she isn't deceptive," the woman said.

"Oh yes she is", I said; I was in no mood to be diplomatic. I feel myself pushing everything to the edge, pushing the envelope, so to speak. I have to be careful though, my boss, the owner of the coffee shop, is for the war, and he knows I am against it, and he has been ordering everyone to take anti-war material off of our public bulletin board when they see it.

Judy and I laughed about the incident.

"How did it feel to be patronized by a Republican?" I asked.

" 'How ungrateful", she parodied the woman. " 'You should be damn glad I gave you some attention, Negro' ".

Uncompromising and direct is that girl. I am totally refreshed by her.

" You negros all look alike," I said.

Judy is studying law, and she is going to be a damn good lawyer. I would want her on my side any day of the week.