Saturday, March 22, 2003

Muslims are called to make Jihad against Invading American Forces  

From ABC.com, March 21, ABC news consultant Fawaz A. Georges reports a chilling call to Jihad by Al-Azhar:

"Distinguished Islamic institutions and renowned, moderate Muslim clerics have urged Muslims to join in jihad (holy war) to resist the U.S.-led onslaught.
Osama bin Laden and his militant ilk no longer have a monopoly calling on Muslims to wage jihad to defend the faith.

On Iraq, lines have become blurred between mainstream and radical politics in the world of Islam, thanks to the U.S. approach, which is widely seen as unjust and hegemonic.

A new realignment, bringing together a broad spectrum of political forces against the United States, is crystallizing in Arab and Muslim lands.

American policy toward Iraq has alienated most of the important political secular and religious actors who, until now, had been unwilling to join with radical anti-American forces.

Last week, Al-Azhar, the highest, oldest (1,000 years) and most respected institution of religious learning in the Muslim world, issued a fatwa (religious edict) advising "all Muslims in the world to make jihad against invading American forces."

The statement warned that Islam itself is the direct target of the "new crusaders' invasion" which aims at humiliating and subjugating Arabs and controlling their resources. "

This is part of our heritage to our children.