Sunday, March 16, 2003

No Democracy for Iraq 

The Guardian Unlimited reports of a classified document leaked to the Los Angelas Times last week that reports democracy is not in the works for Iraq, but rather another strongman to run the country. The Guardian reports:

"However, there are well-founded suspicions that whatever Bush may think he means this is little more than pre-war rhetoric. Strategists in the State Department are set against any democratic experiment in a liberated Iraq, precisely because it threatens the authoritarian governments of the region - principally, Egypt, the Gulf States, Syria and Saudi Arabia.

A classified policy document leaked to the Los Angles Times last week not only doubts the possibility of introducing democracy to the Middle East by 'domino effect' but considers Iraq to be the least likely crucible of reform because of its ethnic and religious divisions. That is why now, when we're perhaps just a few days from war and maybe only weeks from peace, the State department and CIA have still had no meaningful contact with the elected leadership of the Iraqi National Congress, a body which draws from all sects and ethnic groups."