Friday, March 21, 2003

Patrick Buchanan doesn't go far enough 

Patrick Buchanan, in addressing the Isreali/Bush connection in this article in the American Conservative, March 24th issue, 2003, makes some very valid points, but doesn't go far enough in addressing our true connection with Israel.

Yes, our foreign policies have merged in an important way, but it can be dangerous for Buchanan and others to blame the Israeli influence and connection for our foreign policy decisions and trends. It is our beliefs regarding ourselves, that has led to these very war-like principals now in vogue in America, and it is fascinating that Israel has followed a similar path of development. But we as a nation are responsible for the actions we take, and we must look within to find the answers, i.e., motivations behind those actions. Let us not, in a mistaken attempt to find blame for our current debacle, place this blame on Israel, or any other nation, but rather, look within the borders of our own country, and collective minds, for the reasons. They are not very far away.