Friday, March 21, 2003

Richard Perle declares U.N. Dead! 

"Thank God for the death of the U.N.", says Richard Perle in a commentary today in the Guardian. This is what I was afraid of. Although he is presuming victory in Iraq, and gloating about it, if the Bushites are successful in Iraq, i.e., short war, low casualities, then he seems to hint at further aggressive confrontation of countries with weapons of mass destruction:

"The most dangerous of these states are those that also possess weapons of mass destruction. Iraq is one, but there are others. Whatever hope there is that they can be persuaded to withdraw support or sanctuary from terrorists rests on the certainty and effectiveness with which they are confronted. The chronic failure of the security council to enforce its own resolutions is unmistakable: it is simply not up to the task. We are left with coalitions of the willing. Far from disparaging them as a threat to a new world order, we should recognise that they are, by default, the best hope for that order, and the true alternative to the anarchy of the abject failure of the UN."

He celebrated the "coalition of the willing". Let's hope there aren't more nations jumping on the bandwagon, if there is a so-called "easy" victory in Iraq. There may be war, war unending war.