Wednesday, March 19, 2003

"Something's wrong with this picture"-Galactic 

"Yea, we go off and fight you wars,
and we come home with battle scars...
There's something wrong with this picture."


The picture is that you are being asked to kill other human beings in the name of your beliefs. These other human beings are being asked to kill you, because of the beliefs that they hold. They could be in fear for their lives if they don't try to kill you. They are in fear of their lives if they do. They are in a tight space.

You might meet them on the battlefield. You will see the faces of men with wives and children back home. You might remember your own wives and children. You might remember the last time you shared a beer with your friends. You might remember your humanity right then. The men, the enemies whose faces you are looking into, may be remembering the last time they shared the wine with friends. They might be remembering that they never wanted to fight this war in the first place.

You might be asked to kill Saddam Hussein, because he is viewed by the powers that be, more dangerous dead, than alive. That if he were to be put on trial, he would pose a threat for the spectacle of the trial. What if they are wrong. What if his death feeds into the already strong belief in martyrdom for the Arab people? What if you were to meet him in battle? Would you see him as another human being? Would he be bent and broken, possibly already wounded? Would you kill a wounded man? These are possibly, things that you are being asked to do.

Back home, we are being asked to believe the media pundits and their experts, on any news about and concerning this war.
We are being asked to believe these experts, even though many of these experts have served as officials in some capacity in the government. Is this a part of the military-industrial complex? Does the corporate-owned media shares its power with the politicians by employing them when they no longer serve in an official capacity with the government?

Where are the experts in peace, in diplomacy? Is true diplomacy to exact a lasting peace, and prevent unnecessary deaths? I've decided to become an expert in myself, in the understanding of myself, in the listening to my inner voice. I suppose, I am committing treason.