Wednesday, March 19, 2003

U.N. Nuclear Inspectors Upset (no, probably livid) 

U.N. nuclear inspectors, now leaving Iraq, are upset:
" Posted on Tue, Mar. 18, 2003

Nuclear inspectors reportedly angry
By Dan Stober
Mercury News

As United Nations nuclear inspectors flee Iraq, some of them are angry at the Bush administration for cutting short their work, bad-mouthing their efforts and making false claims about evidence of weapons of mass destruction.

Some inspectors are ``scandalized'' at the way President Bush and Secretary of State Colin Powell, among others, have ``politicized'' the inspection process, said a source close to the inspectors.

None of the nuclear-related intelligence trumpeted by the administration has held up to scrutiny, inspectors say. From suspect aluminum tubes to aerial photographs to documents -- revealed to be forgeries -- that claimed to link Iraq to uranium from Niger, inspectors say they chased U.S. leads that went nowhere and wasted valuable time in their efforts to determine the extent of Saddam Hussein's arsenal of weapons banned after the 1991 Persian Gulf War."

And this is how we wage psychological war, with disinformation and confusion.