Saturday, March 22, 2003

"We are in a Nation Ruled by Madmen Who will Bury the U.N." commentary by Buzzflash 

Now its Buzzflash's turn to rant. You go boys and girls:

"We are in a Nation Ruled by Madmen Who Will Bury the U.N.

Before announcing a state of war Bush pumps his fist and boasts, "Feels good."

Donald Rumsfeld walks around quoting Al Capone.

Richard Perle calls an internationally respected journalist a terrorist for disclosing how Perle would profit from an Iraq war.

And then Richard Perle celebrates the death of the U.N.

Like it's yet unleashed Guernica-bombing campaign, touted as "Shock and Awe," the brazen, thuggish extremism of the Bush administration is meant to numb the American public into submission.

And, for the most part, the strategy has succeeded.

From the beginning, after September 11th, America was united in the battle against terrorism. No one we know of spoke out on behalf of terrorism. The nascent debate, such as there was one, focused on HOW to fight terrorism, not on whether or not to fight it.

But the propaganda strategists of the Bush Cartel, led by Karl Rove, quickly marginalized any dissent against the White House's Dr. Strangelovian, doomsday world view by spreading the word that protests AIDED AND ABETTED terrorism. The Democratic leadership in Congress was never able to crawl out from under charges that any criticism of the Bush Cartel was treason and hindered Bush's 'war on terrorism'."

I feel as though we are losing the soul of our country.