Friday, April 04, 2003


A creature is discovered deep in the ocean, whose long, elegant tendrils reach many lengths behind the massive, unusual, bulbous body. It probably doesn't see so much as it senses. It is very dark down there, where little light bleeds from the surface, having been swallowed by the massive depths above it. Why, why this creature? Why does it exist? What delicate role does it play in the underwater ecosystem? Does it play any role, directly or indirectly, in the ecosystem that we inhabit? Does the probable death of one species affect the probable reality of another? Why should we care that this species exists?

When I looked at this remarkable creature, with a head designed for flying underwater, I felt the touch of love. This creature exists to experience existence, and it exists to cause wonderment in the human species that now gaze upon it. Its synchratic appearance now, at this time, asking for our notice, and we, the human species, looking for beauty in deep, dark spaces. For beautiful it is, meant to strike such wonderment in the heart of the observer, that instantly is communicated an emotional attachment that can only be called love. This creature now is meant to communicate the wonder of creation, so that we may work harder to preserve and protect it. Behold!!