Monday, April 14, 2003

Robber Barons 

Stolen from the Iraqis, and from all the peoples of the world who value the civilizations of others, is the ancient Babylonian heritage that is part of the story of the beginning of civilization on this planet, in the looting of the Baghdad museum. Stolen from the American middle and lower classes is their hard-earned money that will go to pay the tax bill of the rich who will benefit from the 350 billion dollar tax cut, and the rich who pay no taxes because they base their corporate home in Bermuda in order to avoid paying any taxes at all. Stolen from our children is possibly their safe and peaceful existence in the probable future, now that so many hate us for our aggression. Stolen from us is the respect of the majority of the world's people, for now, until we are able to acknowledge our current mistakes, and this war was a colossal mistake, from its conception to its violent unfolding. Stolen from Arabs everywhere is a sense that we value the integrity of their identity as a people. We will steal their oil in the payments given to the American Companies that will rebuild what we have destroyed with our bombs. Stolen is their identity as a nation in these ravages of war, that is why the museum was looted. Their very sense of self has been severely damaged. How do you bandage a psyche? Stolen from the poor and needy of this country is the good-will money that will now be used to pay for the actual carrying out of this war. The leaders of this country are robber barons who will take and take and take until there is no more to take, or possibly destroy us all in the process.