Sunday, May 04, 2003

American Eloi 

Must have been destiny or something, because there I was, very lazy after a hard day at work feeding coffee to the jazz fest minions, and on came the 1960 version of the Time Machine with that handsome Rod Taylor. I'm watching him dealing with the passively happy Eloi, the race of human who are fed, and fed to, the Marlocks (rythms with Warlocks). I mean, at one point, I thought he was going to kill one of them for allowing the history of civilization to crumble in dust when he was shown their library, and the books literaly crumbled in his hands. Reminded me of my barely contained rage at a passive population feeding on cheap entertainment and shopping binges, slurping coffee picked by the desperately poor in lands we don't even dream about. And it was in a dream-like semi-slumber that a burst of illumination visited me, that at least had me roll over and cup my chin in my hand, partially sitting up. Have we become the Eloi, passively happy as long as we can afford our SUVs and win wars in strange, third world nations that we know nothing about? All the while we as the middle class (and lowers) are being fed to the predatory rich (just as the Marlocks fed on the Eloi), who start wars and profit from them at the expense of the humanity of this country, all the while cutting taxes for the rich, and obscenely cutting social programs that aid the poor. Vision of Rod Taylor coming upon the dinning room of the Marlocks, filled with human skeletons from their cannibalistic meals. We will be a skeleton of a country when these warlords finish with us. H.G. Wells must be rolling in his grave.