Saturday, May 10, 2003

Navigating the rabbit hole. 

So the U.S. wants to be the Occupying Power in Iraq. And they want to be the occupying power, in order to capitalize on the chances for a partial privatization of Iraq's resources, including the oil, and I don't think I am the only one with this fear. And Halliburton, has a no-dollar limit and no bid contract with our government to run the oil wells in Iraq, and as occupying power we could be there for years, under the Geneva Convention, and Halliburton ain't doing so well here in this country, and it sure looks like a rescue of Dick Cheney's former employer, from whom he continues to receive compensation, in the form of deferred compensation, and no one in the media seems to give a damn about this huge, obscene conflict of interest, and the FCC wants to create even more media monopolies, I suppose, because the monopolies serve the interest of the monied class, and those in power, in terms of what issues are focused on, and most Americans for "moral" reasons want to support the Republicans, and for "safety" reasons, for the sake of our country, yet we are neither "moral" nor "safe", in the current path we have chosen, as we are giving up our civil liberties, including the right to hear dissenting voices, to a bunch of immoral money and power grabbers, who will stop at nothing, including the sacrifice of human life, to satisfy their greedy appetities and accumulate more, and many Americans have made a deal with the devil in buying SUVs and going along with our energy/war policy..and , whew, I think I'm learning to navigate the rabbit hole.