Tuesday, May 06, 2003

The Patriot 

Silent in the face of greed, you have become a thief yourself. Stealing knowledge from the children in the form of witholding, you hoard knowledge, store it away, don't use it.

We lost our true practice of democracy a long time ago. Maybe the old guy in the breakfast meeting of progressives was right, we never had it. It was all an illusion in the grandest sense. Is it a little bit like love, which, as soon as you name it, you begin to loose it. It becomes a thing and therefore distant. You begin to lose touch with it when you name it.

Perhaps our loss of democracy hit a final note when I was a child, the Kennedy assasination, the Vietnam war, the assasinations, R. Kennedy and King. That was when the secrets of our government were even darker than they are today. There is unsparing illumination now, for anyone looking for the light. The internet helps to keep things lit. Books, essays, libraries, bookstores; as much as I distrust corporate entities, Barnes and Noble keeps many a candle lit for lonely seekers wanting to browse and read.

No wonder one of the new "enemies" of our current gov't in power are libraries. We would do well to defend them.

What if the internet were ever gone. The "struggle" to reclaim ourselves would take a different form. Perhaps it should.

We progressives, we liberals, have we defined our own beliefs and values? Can we clearly articulate our prirorities?
How do we practice our beliefs and values in our immediate environment, for that is the true test.
Do we feel forced to hide our light?

Isn't it easier to focus our attention on the candidates, politics, on what our "leaders" are doing. They are doing horrendous things, committing horrors all over the world, because we have forgotten how to govern ourselves. We govern no one, not even ourselves.
And the ones who try to lord it over others the most, are the ones least in practice of the governing of themselves.

Bennett, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld (it feels like sticky blood just to write their names).

Is it any accident one of the moral crusader, William Bennett, was recently revealed to be covered in shit?

They are taking us down in apathy, in apathy of ourselves.

Even the so-called activists. What are we doing? How are we reaching out to each other? How are we reaching out to the unconverted? How are we active? What is the quality of our activity?

What is the quality of my activity?

It always comes back to the self. The lonely self in the self-skin, covering bones and teeth. We are a universe unto ourselves, richer than we could ever imagine.