Wednesday, June 11, 2003

A-bloggin' and A-bloggin' 

Representative Henry Waxman, a democrat from California, wants to know why the administration used documents that were known to be forged as part of its intelligence evidence on wmds:

"When I saw that, it really blew me away," Thielmann told Newsweek. Thielmann knew about the source of the allegation. The CIA had come up with some documents purporting to show Saddam had attempted to buy up to 500 tons of uranium oxide from the African country of Niger. INR had concluded that the purchases were implausible - and made that point clear to Powell's office. As Thielmann read that the president had relied on these documents to report to the nation, he thought, "Not that stupid piece of garbage. My thought was, how did that get into the speech?"

Whew, chasing this rabbit down the rabbit hole keeps getting more and more...interesting.