Monday, June 09, 2003

Dennis Kucinich 

I saw Dennis Kucinich, Representative from Ohio and candidate for President, on C-span last night. The event was Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack and his annual democratic "Family Picnic". This year's attende's were candidates Dean, Graham, Kucinich, Lieberman & Sharpton. I didn't catch any speeches, but here is where you can go to see a video of the event. Hopefully the video includes the after-speech event, in which a camera and sound man followed Kucinich, and then Dean, recording their interaction with the audience members one-on-one.

The camera and sound man followed Kucinich around for quite some time as he mingled with the crowd. I loved the way he plunged into the crowd alone, and took time with anyone who would listen. He said much that I agree with, sticking with common sensical economic policy desires, health care and universal, anti-war and get the troops home, although this point would probably mean further injustice to Iraq. In contrast, Dean appeared more reticent about talking to people, and at times seemed speechless. He was being led around by a very large, blond woman who appeared to be navigating him to a great extent. I had a dream last night that Dean was wearing a dress. Is this a warning about too much passivity? Vanity? Kucinich was stopped by one older farmer, who said that he (Kucinich) "stirs people." Indeed. If only more would hear him.