Monday, June 16, 2003

Major Barbara, the tireless worker 

Gotta say this, Major Barbara has been tirelessly tracking who's making a killing on killing in Iraq, even before the war started, when the vultures (Halliburton, Bechtel, etc.) were starting to circle. Here he posts on Iraq as a goldmine for the middleman, via the Wall Street Journal:

"Mr. McClelland describes himself as a "bit player" in the Iraq gold rush. But even for the bit players, there's the potential for big money. "If 10 percent of the projects come through, I'll have made enough to retire twice over," he says. A couple of big ones, such as the food contract, could make his year.

"Middlemen and go-betweens with strong military contacts always appear wherever there's a war and wherever there's money to be made supplying the U.S. armed forces. What makes Iraq different is the size of the rebuilding effort the U.S. has taken on and the huge number of U.S. troops involved. The U.S. government is spending several billion dollars a month on troop support, fuel, equipment and, to a lesser extent, reconstruction