Monday, June 16, 2003

The Unbranding of America 

I was cruising top blogs, and stumbled upon this site through Warren Ellis (die puny humans blog). The Unbranding of America speaks to my heart and my head, and my core belief that in order to address the root of the "problems" we are dealing with, Iraq, the Middle East, environmental degradation, the rich versus the poor and the poor in ever greater numbers, we must address the core of our own society: Consumerism and global capitalism.

Do we really want a global economy based on greed? If capitalism is based on the American model as practiced today, greed is its driving force. Not every country that practices capitalism is fashioned after the American model. Sweden for instance. Can I say that dirty word, socialism? (I saw Bulworth recently.) We must be unafraid to speak of a form of socialism that will address the needs of our community, that will address the chasm between the rich and the poor. We can't go on like this folks. We are destroying our earth for the sake of a certain way of life. We are victimizing our most vulnerable, our children our elderly, our chronically poor, for the sake of the right of a few individuals to accumulate vast amounts of wealth. It is a form of insanity that the earth's eco-structure will not tolerate much longer. It is what I wanted to address in my sacrifice post.

Geez I'm tired. Little sleep last night. But this is an issue I am going to address. It is why I am drawn to Kucinich as a presidential candidate. I think he offers real hope for core value changes, though not everyone, of course, is responsive to this need for change.