Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Bounty hunters 

Today I'm going to link to some good posts, as I don't have time for much else. Here is Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo fame, on the decision by the Texas republicans to consider the use of, yes I'm not kidding, bounty hunters, to reign in those rebeleous Texas democrats:

In any case, without the ability to use the state police, Republican state officials are now considering sending bounty-hunters across state lines to bring them back -- an idea you can certainly understand since bounty-hunters are such an upstanding and constitutionally-minded group of characters. Attorney General Greg Abbott (R) has helpfully obliged by issuing an opinion okaying the bounty hunter idea.

Bill Richardson, Governor of New Mexico, has provided the Dems with a state police detail to protect them and, reportedly, has vowed to press kidnapping charges against any bounty hunters who try to take them into custody.

Meanwhile, House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, the ultimate author of all this ridiculousness, is off on a tour of the Middle East where, one would imagine, he'll fit right in.