Saturday, July 05, 2003

The democratic party needs the African-American vote and support. 

This article upset me, because it is American politics at its worse. Max Cleland is still recovering from the campaign battle for governor in Georgia, in which he was depicted as a traitor by a campaign ad run by his opponent, Saxby Chambliss:

Cleland, 60, is still livid over a now-infamous TV commercial that Republican challenger Saxby Chambliss ran against him. It opened with pictures of Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, then attacked Cleland for voting against President Bush's Homeland Security bill. It didn't mention that Cleland supported a Democratic bill that wasn't radically different.

"That was the biggest lie in America -- to put me up there with Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein and say I voted against homeland security!" he says, his voice rising in anger.

"I volunteered 35 years ago to go to Vietnam and the guy I was running against got out of going to Vietnam with a trick knee! I was an author of the homeland security bill, for goodness' sake! But I wasn't a rubber stamp for the White House. That right there is the epitome of what's wrong with American politics today!"

What is particularly upseting is that rural voters flocked to the polls in that election in anger over Cleland's hauling down of the Confederate flag over the Georgia state legislature. My question is, couldn't the democratic party anticipate this response, and work hard to get out the African-American vote in Georgia? We've got to start organizing now with voter registration drives to get the vote out for 2004, and we've go to work hard.