Thursday, July 03, 2003

General J. C. Christian, Patriot, says goodby 

Jesus's General says goodby for a good reason and a good cause:


I've really enjoyed doing this. I love showing the bigots and the conservatives and the bigoted conservatives and the conservative bigots for the buffoons they are. I'd like to keep on doing it, but I've decided to devote all of my free time to booting Bush out of office. I can't justify spending a single moment doing anything else. It's just too important.

I've been away from politics for a decade now. It was once my life. I have a masters in political management from The Graduate School of Political Management at The George Washington University and ten years of campaign experience -- I did it for a living for three of those years. I was good at it. Every campaign I had complete control over succeeded and I'm talking about Democrats in Utah. I quit doing it because I needed to be home with my family more and I was at a stage in my career where I had to travel around the country to make it to the next level. I don't regret doing it, but now I think I need to dust off those old skills to help put this country back on track.

I'm not angling for a campaign job. I'm just going to try to move my medium sized swing Republican county from red to blue where it belongs. I'll do that by getting people excited about Howard Dean. If his candidacy falters, I'll do it by getting people excited about someone else. The important thing is that my county and state vote Democratic in 2004. I'm going to spend every possible moment until then working to see that it happens. I think this kind of old fashioned on the street organizing is the only way we're going to be able to overcome the advantage the conservatives have via their virtual stranglehold over the media.

Thanks again for making this so much fun. I'd like to particularly thank Atrios for the early exposure and Andrew, Mac Diva, the Farmer, Dru Blood, Major Barbara, The Kid. Cowboy Khalil, and everyone else who offered me encouragement.

See you all in Atrios' comments section,


An e-mail that I sent to him:

Thank you for all of the wonderful satire. Somehow I feel you will be back with even more delicious satirical bravery, because once we kick Bush out of office, we will need to keep the pressure and exposure spotlight focused on the powers that swept him into office.

I, too am going to hitting the streets soon to work for a regime change. I am working with others now to coordinate voter registration drives in the state of Louisiana. We intend nothing less than to deliver Louisiana to the democrats in 2004. We reelected Senator Mary Landrieu, a democrat, last year, despite a strong challenge from the republican party. I will be blogging on my efforts to keep others informed and inspire them in their efforts. It would be good to hear from you now and then in your own efforts to help bring sanity back to the oval office.

Elizabeth Cook