Wednesday, July 16, 2003

I wonder if I'm becoming a bit unglued. Last night I dreamt that a good friend said I had begun to take off my clothes in public. I suppose there is nothing more revealing, than shedding your outer skin. If I am exposing the deeper layers in public, so be it. Here is why I am so damn mad at Chris Matthews from Hardball and MSNBC:

Chris Matthews,

Yesterday, you showed a tape of John Kerry speaking before a gay audience. Kerry accused the Bush administration of being extreme, rather than conservative. After the tape played, you muttered "look who's extreme". You seemed to be referring to the gay audience that Kerry was addressing. You sir, you are the extreme. As a gay person and a citizen of this country, I am deeply offended by your remark. Is this kind of remark very far off from the remarks by recently fired Mike Savage? I think not. It seems to reflect the basic editorial policy of your network, to bash minority groups for the sake of the largely white, male audience that watches MSNBC.

As a democrat, I have noticed that you seem to have little respect for the views of the democratic candidates running for office. You and your network make a mockery of the concept of journalism as I studied it in school. I wonder if you and your corporate owners are thinking from your pocketbooks?

In the buildup to war, this network along with the other major networks, waved the flag and unquestioningly supported the war effort. We and the soldiers and the Iraqi people are now paying the price, and will be for a long time. In my view, the major television news networks bare some responsibility for this war.

Elizabeth Cook


Chris Matthews,

I just saw the tape of your interview with Dennis Kucinich, and then your phone interview with Imus in the morning. I think you damn well knew what Kucinich was trying to say. He made the logical extension, that if abortions are again criminalized, then the women who have them and the doctors who give them may go to jail. When abortion was illegal in this country, women did go to jail for having them, and doctors went to jail for giving them. If there are members of Congress who want to criminalize abortion, then isn't it logical to assume that they want to see women who have abortions, and doctors who give them, jailed? How do you respond to this?