Tuesday, July 29, 2003

A new economy. 

I am thinking on the subject of economics these days, and considering reading a good deal on the subject. I have been reading Howard Zinn, Declarations of Independence, and am inspired to read some of the works he has referred to, including the Communist Manifesto.

There is so much strife in the world that ultimately seems to be related somehow to the "issue" of economics, that a very plain and simple reality stares me in the face everyday. The economies of our times, in most countries, is not efficient enough, if you will, to deal with the most pressing problems and needs of the people that the economies serve.

I use the word "efficient" for lack of a better one, for now. People are going hungry. People are without shelter. Many without adequate self-support to take care of their basic needs.

The economies of nations are reflections of collections of beliefs about the sharing and distribution of resources. It is beliefs that form the basis of economies. If beliefs can change, then economies can change. Economies can be made to be more respondent and flexible to the true needs of the people that it serves. When I say true needs, I am referring to basic issues: food, clothing, shelter, health care, jobs and education. It seems that all the needs I mentioned are required for most to feel safe, secure and that they are a needed and contributing member of their community.

It is my belief that we need each and every individual, to contribute their talents and abilities, for a community to be healthy and thriving. If due to health reasons, a person cannot make a "traditional" contribution, then the person ought to be cared for. It is nothing short of what we would expect for ourselves.

I know these thoughts are phrased somewhat primitively, simply. As I said, economics is a subject that for myself, begs further study.