Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Where is Raed? gives us Zanaib  

I have heard much said that the average Iraqi is glad Saddam is gone. I have heard many public officials here say the resistance is limited to baathists and extremists, and mercenaries from other countries. Howard Dean has been castigated for his remark concerning Iraq, that he isn't sure the country is better off without Saddam. Yet here is a woman blogger, Zanaib, posting her first entry in Iraq, contradicting all of the official, Bush administration rhetoric on Iraq (there are a number of misspellings in the original blog, which I left in place):

I know that one day there will be agreat revolution against the Americans and now we have the first seeds of that revolution . many Iraqi soldiers have demonstrated on june 18th in front of ORHA(the republican palace) claiming their rights of either having salaries or retired Though this incident had been proceeded by many others , nevertheless, it is the first time like having a really organized activity , they where absolutely agitated or furious against the Americans . A convoy was trying to get inside ,one of the Americans got panic and started shooting at the masses ,two Iraqis got killed others wounded , terrible scarey scene . You have two sides each is inflicting the other great losses and its only the beginning . Did you know that at the beginning of the invasion everybody said it’s a bless getting rid of Saddam Hussien but it turns to be an ever lasting curse,haw could they just go leaving the biggest oil reservoir in the region, they have planned to stay, accept it or not ,the staunting thing is what the people want naw (the return of Saddam the tyrant)!!! . When you think thoroughly about it you find it logical & reasonable ,during the past regime there were safety &work chances(money) BUT, THERE IS NO FREEDOM, naw there is freedom without safety or public services with very very mini work opportunities , so normally they prefer the past time of saddam.