Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Willie Nelson endorses Dennis Kucinich for president!!! 

A little bit of good news today for supporters of Dennis Kucinich. Willie Nelson today threw his hat into the ring and endorsed Kucinich for president, with this press announcement:

"I am endorsing Dennis Kucinich for President because he stands up for
heartland Americans who are too often overlooked and unheard. He has
done that his whole political career. Big corporations are
well-represented in Washington, but Dennis Kucinich is a rare
Congressman of conscience and bravery who fights for the unrepresented,
much like the late Senator Paul Wellstone. Dennis champions individual
privacy, safe food laws and family farmers. A Kucinich Administration
will put the interests of America's family farmers, consumers and
environment above the greed of industrial agribusiness.

"I normally do not get too heavily involved in politics, but this is
more about getting involved with America than with politics. I encourage
people to learn more about Dennis Kucinich at http://www.kucinich.us and
I will be doing all I can to raise his profile with voters. I plan to do
concerts to benefit the campaign."