Thursday, August 07, 2003

Arianna Huffington for governor of California!!! 

Arianna Huffington has thrown her hat in the ring for governor of California, and I believe her interview with the editor of Tompaine.com clearly underlies why she deserves the support of every progressive in America.

Make no mistake, despite the circus atmospere of this race, who wins the governorship of California is extremely important to the rest of the nation. California in many respects, sets the political tone for the rest of the country. From Tompaine.com:

Huffington: First of all, John, governing is about setting the right priorities. If you don't or can't set the right priorities, you get to the kind of crisis we're having at the moment, where policies are determined by the highest bidder, where special interests can buy politicians, buy access and buy the policy that they want. So that's number one.

Number two is, governing involves leading. For me, that means using the bully pulpit and engaging the public. If we don't bring the people along, there are just too many influences in the system right now [that want] to preserve the status quo.

Also, the concept of the citizen-politician is central to American democracy. And the idea that experience is the most important thing is really belied by [Gov.] Gray Davis, who has held practically every job you can have in state government, and look at the state of the state. I mean, his slogan [in one campaign] was "experience money can't buy." Well, we found out that wasn't the case.