Thursday, August 14, 2003

Iraq is the new frontier of jihad-Mullah Mustafa Kreker 

Last night I watched a group of parents and loved ones of American soldiers in Iraq, an advocacy group called Bring Them Home Now, talk about their fears and demand that their loved ones be returned from Iraq. Some had already lost sons and daughters in Iraq. Today I read about the growth of terrorism in Iraq:

Last Friday, a day after a bomb ripped apart the Jordanian embassy in Baghdad, killing 17 people, this is what he said: "We have a substantial number of Ansar terrorists around here."

He was referring to Ansar al Islam, a small guerrilla group that once had a base in the mountains of the Kurdish region of northeastern Iraq...

In the weeks leading up to the war on Iraq, the Bush administration, desperate to link Saddam Hussein to terrorism, cited Ansar as his conduit to Al Qaeda.

Ansar, in fact, had been waging a brutal war since 2001 against the secular Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK). The group's leader, Mullah Mustafa Kreker, awaiting refugee status in Norway, scoffed at the alleged links to Al Qaeda...

...MacFarquhar also drew the specter of Iraq as the new Afghanistan and cited a statement by Mullah Krekar last Sunday from Norway to a Lebanese satellite TV station.

Sounding like an Osama bin Laden wannabe, Krekar said that American-occupied Iraq is the new frontier of jihad against America, just as the Soviet-occupied Afghanistan was for the earlier generation of Mujahideen (who were supported by the CIA).