Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Kucinich on the AFL-CIO forum last night. 

Sometimes, I believe I must be living in a parallel universe. Some of the comments on the Daily Kos, pertaining to Kucinich, (in the open thread), focus on the style of his delivery, rather than the substance. I've always believed that substance mattered more than style, at least in my universe.

That said, Kucinich was awesome last night, literally. He awed me in his courage to directly challenge the other candidates by name, on a number of issues, without getting personal.

Kucinich tends to get loud when speaking before large, public groups. One commentator on Daily Kos described him as "rabid". I don't know about him, but I find myself feeling quite rabid these days about the looting and "rape" of our country by the neocons.

I'm going to let Dennis tell you what he believes. Dennis was articulate and thoughtful in a recent townhall meeting in Iowa. Here is a link to that video on C-Span:


Here is the link to the video of the forum last night on C-Span:


I hope that we all take the time to listen to Kucinich as he takes on many issues, and enjoy.