Saturday, August 02, 2003

"This government worse ever," Nobel Laureate George A. Akerlof 

Eschaton first linked to this yesterday, and there isn't much edification needed. The article says it all, neatly and simply. Also included is the text of the interview with Der Spiegel. And if you want to read a little more on the theories of the Nobel Laureate, click here. From Common Dreams.org:

US Nobel Laureate Slams Bush Gov't as "Worst" in American History

George A. Akerlof, 2001 Nobel prize laureate who teaches economics at the University of California in Berkeley.

BERLIN - American Nobel Prize laureate for Economics George A. Akerlof lashed out at the government of US President George W. Bush, calling it the "worst ever" in American history, the online site of the weekly Der Spiegel magazine reported Tuesday.

"I think this is the worst government the US has ever had in its more than 200 years of history. It has engaged in extradordinarily irresponsible policies not only in foreign policy and economics but also in social and environmental policy," said the 2001 Nobel Prize laureate who teaches economics at the University of California in Berkeley.

"This is not normal government policy. Now is the time for (American) people to engage in civil disobedience. I think it's time to protest - as much as possible," the 61-year-old scholar added.

Akerlof has been recognized for his research that borrows from sociology, psychology, anthropology and other fields to determine economic influences and outcomes.

His areas of expertise include macro-economics, monetary policy and poverty.