Friday, August 08, 2003

This guy is busier than most. 

Go read Busy, Busy, Busy, for a good dose of tragicomedy:

Shorter Condoleezza Rice:
Transforming the Middle East:

We attacked Iraq without provocation in order to transform it into a democracy and so enhance world peace, as countries with elected leaders do not attack other countries without provocation.

Shorter Tom Friedman:
Shaking Up the Neighbors:

Some Arabs just don't appreciate the free self-governing democracy that we are currently in the process of imposing upon them at gunpoint.

Shorter Paul Wolfowitz:
On Meet The Press:

The invasion of Iraq was integral to our war on terrorism because the 5,000 American soldiers protecting Saudi Arabia were a magnet for terrorists, and we've now improved the situation by exposing 150,000 troops to guerilla attacks in Iraq instead.