Monday, August 04, 2003

We need democracy in the army. 

This is why soldiers should not surrender their right to free speech when they join the military. This is why Rumsfeld's plan to overhaul the army should be viewed with extreme caution, and even horror. This is why the voices of the mostly working-class grunts who make up the army matter. This is why we should not support a policy of preemptive war. This is why wars should be fought only as a last resort. This is why...from David Hackworth, this feedback from a soldier in Iraq:

Feedback from Iraq
Imagine this bastard getting away with such crap if we had a draftee army?

"I do know there are people living in areas with running water and A.C. That, of course, is not us... although my COL lives like that. I do believe he was shielded from the reality by his staff for a while. As we crammed 50 soldiers in to two medium frame tents near a pond of dead fish which was also infested with mosquitos and there was absolutely no field sanitation support for miles, he was living in his own room inside an air conditioned building, had his own king size bed, his own bathroom, his own refrigerator, and his cappuccino machine. It was two weeks before he came down to see where the soldiers were living and that was only after the S4 and CSM kept blowing me off... so, I had to get the Corps Surgeon involved for sanitation reasons.

I do believe the COL is entitled to a higher standard of living, however, the inequality was astounding and even more was the fact that he tried to hide it, by posting guards at the entrance to the hallway and didn't say more than two words to any of the soldiers until two weeks after our arrival in Baghdad. We just needed to hear that he understood our situation and was doing everything he could to improve it."