Monday, August 11, 2003

The world is not for sale. 

Common Dreams.org links to an article about the recent Larzac Anti-Globalization Meeting in France. Held annually every August, it is in part organized by Jose Bove, one of the more well-known anti-globalization activists in the world. The meeting was such a success this year, thousands had to be turned away due to a shortage of food and water.

Bove is known for his battle against the McDonald's Corp. in France, and genetically modified food. Unfortunately, he has announced he will no longer represent the movement next year. Let's hope he continues to remain involved on some level.

In my opinion, "free-trade" is the platform of globalization. Regarding the free-trade movement, Dennis Kucinich is one of the few candidates to weigh in on the issue with what one could term, an anti-globalization policy. Here is a quote from Kucinich in a recent interview with Wolf Blitzer, in response to a question by Blitzer as to why his campaign has lagged behind Howard Dean's:

KUCINICH: Well, I think we have to, first of all, congratulate him for the success that he's had.

However, he's been out there more than a year ahead of my campaign. And I think that as my campaign begins to develop, we're going to be able to attract some of the people who now, currently, feel that Howard Dean is the only alternative.

I mean, my campaign offers a true progressive alternative on trade. I'm the only candidate willing to come forward and say I'll cancel NAFTA and the WTO. On health care, the only candidate who is willing to say, look, the private sector has failed, the market has failed, we've got to go to universal single-payer health care, Medicare for all.

The candidate who's ready to challenge the bloated Pentagon budget, which, as you may know, Wolf, there's a trillion dollars in accounts they can't reconcile in the Pentagon. I'll save the taxpayers money, cut the Pentagon budget by 15 percent. That's $60 billion we can put into education and other programs.

So, as I define the differences, it will be very clear to the American people that I'm offering a true alternative, a progressive alternative. And frankly, it's only that kind of alternative which will motivate people to come to vote not only in Democratic primaries, but to give the American people a real choice versus this administration in November of 2004.