Wednesday, September 10, 2003

My letter to Salon.com 

My letter today:

Mr. Andrew Sullivan, columnist for the London Times, is suggesting that President Bush, in his infinite wisdom,
has purposefully set up what one might call, a "final showdown" with terrorists.

He suggests Iraq is being used as a fly trap to lure terrorists within its borders, so that the military can "take 'em on".
Mr. Bush's "bring 'em on" statement should be understood within that context, according to Mr. Sullivan.

I have to award Mr. Sullivan for the most absurd and dangerous spin regarding this debacle in Iraq. Putting aside the obvious absurd notion that he appears to be assuming there is some kind of "fixed" number of terrorists, more dangerously, he appears to assume we will eventually have killed so many of them, terrorism will decrease in the world.

A childish notion at best, foregoing the awareness that in the Muslim world, terrorists are recruiting successfully everyday, what with the horror in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, the Afghanistan war in which we are losing ground because of the number of new recruits, and now a new front for Jihad, Iraq.

Mr. Sullivan and those of his ilk demonstrate a severely narrowed and skewed view of the world, where dead bodies of American soldiers is a sign that we are confronting and taking on the terrorists.

How many more American deaths, and Iraqi deaths for that matter, will it take to awaken the sense of shame that ought to be naturally inherent within those who created and supported this failed policy?