Saturday, September 27, 2003

Our government is insane. 

I was accused of insanity on a Daily Kos thread when I called someone a corporate fascist. Corporate fascism is sucking the dreams of every American who desires a quality life, with war spending, war, war, war.

This is the latest example. On CBSnews.com there is a pretty good video of details of the spending requests for the rebuilding of Iraq (click on "Iraq costs big bucks.) 20.3 billion of the 87 billion request will go towards the reconstruction and security of Iraq.

Here are some of the details, and, as the CBS anchorman said, "the devil is in the details":

100 million to investigate crimes against humanity.

400 million for a new prison system, at a cost of 50,000 dollars per bed.

54 million to study the phone system.

100 million for a witness protection program.

I'm not making this shit up. I wish that I were.