Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Some good news... 

John Pilger slaps Condi Rice, Colin Powell, and George Bush around; Media Benjamin slaps Richard Perle around, and I'm feeling a little more conciliatory towards Dennis Kucinich, not that anyone need give a damn.

In a recent Nation article, Kucinich's message is compared to Dean, with Kucinich leading the charge on most issues, and Kucinich easily outdistancing Dean on the progressive front, but we already knew that, didn't we? That said, I do believe that Kucinich did not believe enough in his ability to win, in his ability to convey his message in a "winning" way, and I do believe these beliefs have gotten in the way of his gaining popularity with the potential voters.

I was peeved yesterday at the amount of money I have contributed to the Kucinich campaign. However, I deluded myself, because his message is so damn good. I will continue to advocate his issues and ideas, but I can't help but defend and support Wesley Clark, whom I believe is a decent man, and will make a decent president. Besides, he'll have all of us Kucinich progressive dogs to deal with after the election. We must continue the fight for progressive issues. It will be the most important to do so after the election when everyone will tend to relax and get complacent again, that is, after the celebrating.